Now that the warm weather is here, it’s the perfect time to clean your yard, or go even further with some innovative DIY backyard ideas. If you’ve been thinking about adding some new features to your yard, or giving the existing ones a makeover, the coming sunny weekends will give you all the time you need to do so. Also, making attractive new additions to your yard doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Here are six ideas for DIY backyard projects to keep you busy and revitalize your property. 

Use pallets to create a rustic fence

Pallets are incredibly useful and almost endlessly reusable and up-cyclable. Here’s a great idea if you have some lying around (even if you don’t, you are likely to find a warehouse or other business nearby that will be willing to part with their excess pallets). You can use them to create an old-fashioned rustic wooden fence. It will help you keep the dogs in the yard, delineate your property, and add a pleasant, homey new look. The great thing about using pallets to make a fence is that they are more versatile than you think, and you can work with them regardless of your level of DIY skill. Cut them up and reshape them into a design or your own, or stand on their sides them up and join them together as they are, then add a touch of paint or whitewash.  


Rock firepit

How about a firepit that your family and friends can sit around on warm summer nights? You can create a great fire ring using only rocks – ones you may already have in your yard. You can put those scattered stones to good use and, in just a couple of hours, create a place around which your nearest and dearest can gather this summer, whether for a cookout or simply to sit and look up at the stars.


A simple pergola

If you need a place to relax and keep cool on hot summer afternoons, why not build a vine-covered pergola? You could build on top of your existing patio and reduce the cost and labor involved, or create a new space in the yard with a freestanding pergola. All it takes is four posts which you can embed in concrete with just a little bit of digging, together with some composite or hardwood planks. 


DIY planter trellis combo

If you’re a gardening enthusiast, a combined planter and trellis is a perfect addition to your yard. It looks good, acts as a privacy screen, and gives you a place to plant flowers or vegetables. There are many variations on this outdoor project, and they are all relatively easy and cheap. You can build a planter-trellis combo out of bamboo in a single weekend for under $100.


Outdoor storage boxes

Do you need a place to store tools and other assorted outdoor accessories? It is very easy to create a sturdy, stylish box with cheap wood and a few power tools. You could even repurpose old crates or pallets and reduce your project costs.


A grill gazebo

If you’re planning to host a lot of barbeques this summer, then you should include a grill gazebo in your yard makeover plans. You can customize it to include seating, lighting, built-in coolers, and more. This project is best for the more seasoned DIY enthusiast and will involve some quality timber and require you to set aside a few days to complete it.


As you work through your summer DIY backyard projects, you will probably also clear out considerable amounts of yard waste. Let Junk Boss remove it for you, or rent one of our dumpsters to make the job easier. Contact us for more information.