When you are carrying out a home cleanout or renovation, the question will always arise of how best to dispose of the waste. Unless you choose the junk removal option, where a truck is sent to your property and the crew remove items directly from your home, you will probably want to use either a dumpster or a bagster. In either case, you have a receptacle on site, into which you can deposit waste as you work. Once the receptacle is full, a waste management or dumpster rental company comes to haul it away. What is the difference between the two and which is better? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Dumpster rental

When you have a high volume of items to clean out, a dumpster is probably for you. For those heavy-duty estate cleanouts where you have to remove old furniture and so on, you would do well to bring a dumpster onto your property for the duration of your project. It makes the job so much easier and more manageable. There are various sizes to choose from, so be careful to select the one that is just right for the scale of your cleanout project.


For smaller projects, people often choose bagsters. Bagsters are large, burlap bags, usually with a capacity of about three cubic yards. Much like dumpsters, bagsters are kept on the property until they are filled. Then, the customer books a time for the waste management company to come out and remove it using a crane. Each bagster is a single-use item and must be purchased separately. You can usually buy them at home improvement stores or via various online outlets.

In general, it may appear that bagsters are good for smaller cleanout projects, while dumpsters are the way to go when you are dealing with larger loads. However, there is more to consider. Bagsters tend to be more expensive and less convenient than they seem at first. Aside from having to spend $30 to purchase the one-time-use bagster, you then have to pay around $180 for pickup, as well as about $8 for the booking. That’s $220 in total – and this is for a 3-yard receptacle. Then, you have to position the bagster in a way that is convenient – not for you and your cleanout – but for the pickup. A large truck equipped with a crane is sent to collect the bagster, and it can only do so if the bagster is sufficiently accessible. As a result, the bagster will likely be placed quite far away from your home and you will have to carry your trash further than necessary. 

On the other hand, if you were to rent our smallest dumpster, which has a capacity of six cubic yards, you would pay a total of $311 for a 10-day rental. We would drop the dumpster as close to the building as possible to make it easy for you to carry out your junk. Then, after ten days, we will come and haul it away – no cranes needed! You get better value for money, you get more capacity, you can throw away a wider range of items, you don’t have to break your back carrying heavy trash out to a receptacle positioned yards away from the building, and you don’t have to run to the store before your start.

It appears that the debate of dumpster vs. bagster tips very easily in favor of dumpsters. Dumpster rental is a convenient and cost-effective way to clear out your home. Junk Boss rents out four different dumpster sizes to suit different jobs: choose from 6-yard, 10-yard, 15-yard and 22-yard capacities. We deliver the dumpsters to your property, remove them when they are full and focus on providing ease and convenience for our customers. Contact us for more information.