Estate Cleanout Services

An Estate Cleanout is one of life’s sad but necessary eventualities.

There comes a time for all of us when a loved one either passes away or becomes incapacitated and has to be moved to an assisted living facility. In either case, they leave behind a home with many years’ worth of accumulated belongings. Some of these are worth keeping and cherishing, while others have merely been waiting to be thrown away.

That’s when an estate cleanout is needed – carried out by a professional junk removal company that can help you get through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible. Junk Boss is a junk hauling company based in Edmond OK.

What follows is our definitive guide to estate cleanouts.

What is an estate cleanout?

After a loved one passes away, you are left to sort through all the belongings they have left behind. When the sorting is done, you will have a selection of items that you wish to keep, sell or perhaps redistribute among friends and family, as well as several things you want to get rid of. To dispose of these items, you may typically load them onto the back of your pick-up truck and take them to the local dump or junk shop. This is a laborious  task and makes the job take longer than it should, as well as distracting from more pressing things

Here’s where Junk Boss comes in. We will come and remove the items you don’t want so that you can get on with what really matters. Once you’ve sorted out the estate contents, you point out the ones you want us to remove, and we take them away for you. We are usually the last point of contact in your cleanup process. Whatever you have not been able to sell, keep or donate, we remove and dispose of or recycle for you.

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    What to expect from an estate clean out

    Estate cleanouts involve sorting through and removing a collection of personal belongings that you associate with your loved one, and this requires courtesy and respect. So the first thing to expect is that the team sent to assist you will interact responsibly and sensitively with you as you guide them through the removal of your loved one’s things. After getting clarity from you with regards to what you want to be removed, the team goes to work.

    The next thing to expect is an extremely high level of professionalism from the removal team. Our staff are trained to move household items of all shapes and sizes quickly and efficiently. It should be a short and straightforward process for you.

    How to prepare for an estate cleanout

    Before calling us, you should have sorted through all the items in the house and divided everything up clearly according to their planned destination. There will be things you want to keep, others that you want to sell, some items that you wish to donate, and some you want to throw away or recycle. To get to that point, you should begin as you would if you were about to do a regular house move. Equip yourself with supplies such as boxes, tape and markers, and go through the house room by room, carefully dividing and packing what you find. You can tape notes to couches, drawers, tables, etc., so you remember where they are meant to go. 

    It’s best to take it slowly and systematically. Think carefully about each item, the value it holds (either monetary or sentimental), and whether or not it can still be put to good use or treasured by some member of the family. While you shouldn’t hang on to things that will not have any use or value for anybody, you also shouldn’t be too hasty when deciding to throw things out. Remember to get input from all concerned parties. That old chest of drawers in your grandfather’s study may not mean anything to you, but maybe your cousin would love to take it and restore it. 

    Once the final decisions are made, and everything is clearly marked, you can begin the removal process. You can schedule this as you see fit: maybe you want us to come and take the junk away first. On the other hand, you may ask friends and family to come and collect their things first or you could start by calling in a house removal company to take away the valuable items of furniture that you plan to keep. Decide what is most convenient for you and organize the clearing of the property accordingly. 

    How to choose an Estate Cleanout service

    As we mentioned above, when you choose an estate cleanout service, you want a company that combines experience and efficiency with respect, courtesy and attentiveness. You want someone who can get the job done while also respecting your space, handling everything with care, and carrying out your instructions to the letter.

    There may be several estate cleanout services available in your area. The first thing to do is to gather quotes from them and see which is the most reasonable relative to your budget. Next, seek out as many online reviews and testimonials you can find. This is the only way to get honest appraisals of the quality of the company’s work. Choose the company that most consistently receives excellent reviews from past customers. 

    Ask the companies about their hiring methods. You don’t want a removal service that takes whatever hands they can get, regardless of history and experience. Look for a company with fully trained staff that have all gone through thorough background checks before being hired. Also, don’t accept any fly-by-nights. If they have been operating for several years – say five to ten or more – this is an excellent sign that you are dealing with a well-established and trustworthy company. If they have only been running for a short time – and seem ill-equipped to boot, you should steer clear! 

    5 tips for an estate clean out

    While you can decide for yourself in what order you wish to do your cleanout, it might be worth following this five-step procedure for it to go as smoothly as it should:

    1. First, decide what to keep

    Start with the essentials: important documents, including title deeds and stock certificates, to name only a few. Throw every piece of paper that looks important into a box – you can always go through them properly later on. Then move on to items of sentimental value: photographs, home videos, etc. Remember to give all family members an equal opportunity to go through the deceased’s belongings and keep those things that mean something to them.

    2. Donate what is still in good condition

    Whatever nobody in the family wants but is still in good condition, you can then donate. You might have a particular recipient in mind for some things, while others can go to the local Goodwill or other charitable organization that can put them to good use or resell them.

    3. An auction may be an option

    Depending on the value of the estate, there may be some things that can be auctioned off. You never know what valuable antiques have been lying around the old homestead, just waiting for the right buyer. If no friends or family want them, you may as well convert them to cash.

    4. Before you dump anything – can it be recycled?

    Check whatever you have left over that nobody wants to keep, and can’t be sold or donated, and see whether it can be recycled. Before you throw anything out, examine everything with an eco-friendly eye. What can be reused, repurposed, or recycled – metal, wood, cardboard or plastics – should all be dealt with carefully. If there are any hazardous materials, such as paints, gas, oil, etc., they should also be disposed of with care, assuming that you can’t find another use for them.

    5. Whatever’s left can be thrown away

    What is left now should have no value to anyone and can be disposed of. At this point, your estate cleanout service can come and collect the remainder and take it away.   

    The benefits of hiring an estate clean out service 

    Cleaning out the estate of a loved one is not a pleasant task. It can be emotionally taxing, time-consuming and physically exhausting. The main benefit of hiring an estate cleanout service is that you can hand over the heavy lifting to professionals who are well equipped to do it for you. That way, you can concentrate on what is essential: finalizing the estate, holding on to what matters, and laying everything else to rest.

    What other property clean outs are there?

    In addition to estate cleanouts, Junk Boss can conduct a variety of other cleanout services, from garages and attics to large industrial warehouses. Wherever junk tends to collect over the years, a full cleanout can be done, and the services of competent, reliable junk movers will come in handy.

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