When dealing with the passing of a loved one, you might need to take care of the property in their estate, and the easiest, less stressful way to do this is to get an estate cleanout service. During the traumatic time following the death of a family member or friend, there are many pressing arrangements to make. This includes the funeral and deciding what happens to items left behind. Often, a will can indicate the last wishes of the deceased, but someone still has to physically sort through items not mentioned in such legal documents and clean out the property. Junk Boss can help.

Find the right estate cleanout services for you. We can help 

The last thing you want to deal with after a loved one dies is a group of unprofessional people entering their house and handling property without care and compassion. Although you may have already removed valuable, sentimental, and useful items, you might still be going through the grieving process. You need a team that can provide an estate cleanout service in a reliable, professional manner. 

How we manage estate cleanout services 

Junk Boss has been in the junk removal business for almost a decade, and we have experience in handling estate cleanouts with compassion and care. After you have worked through the estate’s contents, we will come in and do all the heavy lifting. Our team understands the trauma that goes hand in hand with estate cleanouts, and we will always relate to our customers with respect and compassion. We will take care of all the last bits and pieces that cannot be sold, donated, or gifted to family members.  

We often come in at the very end of the process when you’re tired and emotionally drained, so we will do everything to make the process efficient without adding any undue stress on top of an already hard situation. 

All you need to do is point at what needs to be removed, and we do the rest. We do all the heavy, dirty, unpleasant work for you so you can spend time with your loved ones and celebrate the memories of the person who passed. We’re the on-call junk haul specialists.  

Based in Edmond, Oklahoma, we service a wide area around the Oklahoma City metro. For more information on our estate cleanout services, junk removal in Edmond, OK, or dumpster rental in Edmond, OK, contact us or visit our website to request a quote.