If waste management dumpster rental is in your junk removal plan, then these rental questions will save you time and money. 

Junk Boss is situated in Oklahoma City and has different sizes of roll-off dumpsters that will get any job done. 

Contact a professional dumpster rental company and ask for their advice on the size dumpster you should be renting

Construction sites require large dumpsters and apartment clean-outs require dumpsters small enough to fit in a parking spot.

Contact a professional dumpster rental company and ask about costs and guidelines before renting a 6-yard roll-off dumpster

If you are renting a 6-yard roll-off dumpster, then your load should not exceed 2 tons. 

Confirm if the dumpster rental fee is charged per day and how long can you keep a roll-off dumpster?

The dumpster rental fee is $15 per day after the 10-day rental period is complete.

Ask the junk rental company if the dumpster is an open-top container? 

An open-top container is used primarily for clean-outs or construction junk.

Can you rent a 6-yard dumpster if you live outside Oklahoma city limits? 

If you live outside city limits, then Junk Boss can assist you for an additional fee. 

Can I upsize the dumpster if it is too small for my junk? 

Junk Boss will deliver a second dumpster at an additional cost.

Ask the dumpster rental service if the dumpster will fit on your private property?

The dumpster needs to be able to fit on your private property without it being an obstruction. 

If you need clean and professional roll-off dumpsters, then you need Junk Boss to get the job done.