If you’ve recently re-furnished your home, or are looking to downsize, you are probably left wondering what to do with your old furniture. Even if you have the space for it, it’s just sitting there, collecting dust. Some of it may be good for use by somebody else, while other pieces need to be thrown out altogether. 

Moving furniture is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task, and you may not have the time, manpower, or the right vehicles to do it properly. In some cases, you may not even be able to leave your items on the curb for someone else to collect, as they may be too bulky. 

You have three options: you can sell the furniture, donate it or repurpose it. Assuming you don’t want to consider the third option, you could sell your pieces and ask the buyer to collect it themselves. If the furniture is still in good, usable condition, then why not convert it to cash? On the other hand, you might care too much about getting money for your items, preferring to get it out of your house and into the possession of someone who can use it. If you decide to donate old furniture, then you still need someone to haul it away for you.

The solution is to hire a furniture removal service.

What is a furniture removal service?

Furniture removal services work specifically on removing old, unwanted furniture from people’s homes. Your first step when looking to get rid of your old couches, chairs or other pieces would be to sell them or, if this is not possible, to donate them to charity. There are several charities in the OKC area that will collect your items from you. If these options are not possible because your furniture is simply not in usable condition, Junk Boss can come and take it away and dispose of it for you. 

Junk Boss will collect your old furniture speedily and efficiently, and make sure it is donated or recycled, whatever your choice may be. Contact us for more information or a quote.