Yard waste disposal should always be done separately from ordinary household waste. Landfill space is valuable and should be used ever more sparingly. Rather than wasting this space with biodegradable waste, you should eliminate your yard waste through composting or dedicated waste collection services. Here is everything the discerning homeowner needs to know about yard waste disposal.


What is yard waste?

Yard waste is all the vegetable or other organic matter that builds up as a byproduct of caring for and maintaining yards, gardens and lawns. This could include grass cutting, weeds, leaves, dead flowers and plants, tree trunks, branches, dirt roots, rocks, even old Christmas trees. Yard waste accounts for quite a large proportion of the total waste that ends up in landfills, even though there is really no need to deposit this kind of material in landfills.


What to do with organic yard waste?

Yard waste can be disposed of or reused in a number of different ways. These include the following:

  • Waste collection: Some cities provide dedicated collection services for yard waste. In many cases, the city provides specific disposal bags for yard waste, which the municipal refuse collectors take away and dispose of separately from the usual household waste. There are also many privately-run junk collection services that can remove yard waste, either by collecting it directly from your yard or through dumpster rentals.
  • Composting: Since yard waste is biodegradable, one of the best things to do with it is to compost and use it to supply nutrients to your garden. Provided a plant is disease and insect-free, it can easily be added to a compost heap. Exclude seed-bearing weeds, as they may just cause weed growth wherever you use the compost. 
  • Grass recycling: Grass clippings can nourish your lawn even without composting. All you have to do is leave the clippings on the lawn instead of gathering them up and bagging them. The clippings will simply break down, return to the soil and feed your lawn.
  • Mulching: Some yard waste can be used as natural mulch for lawns and gardens. Fall leaves, pine needles and grass clipping can all effectively be mulched to add nutrients to your garden.


Year-round yard waste collection and disposal

In cases where composting or mulching are not options, you can call upon a professional waste collection company to collect your yard waste. Junk Boss removes all kinds of yard waste, including tree trunks, branches, piles of leaves, and whatever debris has been left by bad weather or landscaping projects. What’s more, we offer this service all year round.


Dumpster rental for yard waste collection

As an alternative to yard waste collection services, you can always rent a dumpster to use as you work through your yard cleanout. We offer 6, 10, 15, and 22-yard roll-off dumpsters for flexible rental periods. We deliver the empty, professionally cleaned dumpster to you and then collect the full dumpster once you are done with it.


With Junk Boss’s yard waste collection and dumpster rental services, you have two easy and affordable ways to get rid of that organic waste that collects in your yard. Contact us today for help with your yard waste disposal.