1. When Moving or Selling

The last thing you want to do when moving or selling your home is to think of the extra clutter left behind. Having a simple way to dispose of your leftover or unwanted items can put your mind at ease during a stressful move.

2. Garage Sale Leftovers

Having a garage sale is a great way to get rid of junk and put a little extra cash in your pocket. But what do you when the garage sale is done and you still have leftover junk? Don’t put it back in your home, call Junk Boss! We’ll pick it all up and dispose of it responsibly.

3. We Donate First

Junk Boss prides itself on taking lightly and gently used items you no longer want to donate them to people who can really use them. Not only are creating free space in your home, you’re helping someone in need at the same time.

4. We Do the Heavy Lifting

A lot of the times we don’t get around to finishing our chores around the house, it’s because it’s too hard, too much, or takes too long. Having a professional junk team around can help take care of the stressful load and heavy lifting so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

5. Our Team is Professional and Courteous

Having a team that you can trust to take care of your home, furniture and belongings can make a world of difference. Our team members are also familiar with working on professional job sites. There’s no job too big for Junk Boss.

6. Take Back Your Space

The constant accumulation of junk and trash in certain areas can start to take over our homes when not taken seriously. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, it’s just too late. Take back your space in your home by clearing out the old junk you no longer need.

7. Junk Boss Saves You Time and Money

Hiring a team of junk professionals can help you save tons of time and money in the long run by getting the job done quickly and efficiently with more hands on the job. Don’t procrastinate and call Junk Boss to get it done now!

8. Letting Go of Unused Items

The hardest part about clearing out our home furniture and belongings is actually letting go and getting rid of things that we aren’t ready to yet. With help from a team of professionals working through another day on the job, this becomes a little easier bit by bit.

9. Relieving Stress

Continuing to collect loads of junk around the house can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. Simply clearing out parts of your home and belongings can lift weight off of your shoulders and let you begin to feel that much better.

10. We Treat Our Customers Like Neighbors

We treat our customers like neighbors, because they are! Junk Boss is locally owned in operated in Edmond, serving the OKC area. We don’t charge hidden fees and provide upfront, volume-based pricing. Call us today for an easy estimate over the phone.