Replacing Old Carpet

Carpets and rugs may last long, but even the ones under the best care don’t last forever. A wide-variety of reasons could lead to the decision to either replace it or throw It out. If you’re interested in the value of carpet removal, you’re in luck! Read on to explore the many benefits of getting rid of that dusty old rug.

Rid Your House of Allergens and Mold

Over time, carpets and the paddings beneath absorb and accumulate dust and other allergen-containing particles that float in the air. This can lead to aggravated allergies and asthma symptoms, something that’s hard to avoid unless you have deep cleaned and power washed your carpet or rug, which likely is not the case. Replacing them is the best option when it starts to become a problem. Another issue with carpets and rugs is that the absorbent nature of carpet padding often poses a problem, especially in humid climates. This can lead to more respiratory and allergen issues.

Safety and Smell Free

Carpets often always have issues, as they aren’t something that is checked regularly. Over time, carpets and rugs begin to warp, tear, begin matting and not to mention stink; all signs of wear and tear. Warps and tears in the carpet are not only an eye-sore but can be dangerous as well. These issues may cause someone to trip, possibly resulting in injury. With age, these carpets begin to smell like every scent that they have absorbed. No matter how much you spray and deep-clean, eventually every carpet reaches the point of no return. Again, the best way to avoid these issues is to simply remove the old carpet!

Call Junk Boss, Carpet Killer

Junk Boss is here to take care of all your carpet/rug removal jobs delicately and responsibly, leaving your house looking brand-new and refreshing. Call Junk Boss, a locally owned business based out of Edmond, serving the OKC metro. We often have better rates than our competitors due to our volume-based pricing, no hidden fees and obligation-free estimates. Contact us today to get an estimate.