Christmas Tree Removal and Disposal

Did you go a little overboard on the tree this year? Not exactly sure how you even got that green mammoth into your house, let alone how to get back out? After all the work you put into the holiday season, don’t worry about trying to clean up something you don’t have to. Let Junk Boss do the work for you. Our Junk removal specialists do all of the work so you don’t have to! Just point, and we’ll haul off your Christmas tree whether it’s big or small!

Just Leave it to Junk Boss

Sure, removing your tree from your home seems easy enough, but sometimes responsibly disposing of a Christmas tree isn’t cut and dry. Often, communities and homeowners associations won’t allow you to simply throw it in a city dumpster or leave it on the curb with your garbage. This means not only do you have to remove the tree out of your home all on your own; you also have to load it up into a vehicle and drive several miles to a facility that properly disposes of it. Don’t do all that extra work when you don’t have to! The junk removal pros at Junk Boss will take care of your Christmas tree removal and disposal, leaving you free to sit back and relax while Junk Boss does all the work.

Do it Yourself With Junk Boss Dumpster Rentals

Not afraid of the physical labor, but need some help with where to take your tree? Have some other things that need picking up after the Holiday season? Try renting out one of Junk Boss’ 6-yard rolling dumpsters, or for bigger jobs try our 10-yard dumpsters. Do all the clean up yourself, but let Junk boss deal with hauling it off. Just put all your Junk in your rented dumpster and Junk Boss will come out and deal with disposal for you.

Have other things that need hauling? Maybe you even just have extra boxes lying around after the holidays? Contact us to schedule a service or to get a quote today.