Garages are made for one purpose: protecting our vehicles. However, they are also filled with plenty of empty storage space that we just can’t help filling up with household bits and pieces of all kinds – some of them useful, some not so much. It is incredible how quickly junk can collect in a garage – and how difficult it can be to motivate yourself to clean out once you become aware of it. Don’t worry though, it can be easy and relatively trouble-free to clean out the junk from your garage. Here are seven tips to get you started and keep you going until the job is done.

1. Give yourself ample time

There is no need to rush a job like this. Depending on the amount of stuff you have to clean out, you may need weeks to get it done. You will probably do it over a series of weekends or perhaps the odd evening here and there. On the other hand, you might decide to dedicate a few days to the task and just focus on getting it done. Either way, give yourself time to do the job thoroughly and without rushing.

2. Separate your items into categories

Before you start working through the piles of junk, create four piles or sections into which everything will be sorted: keep, discard, sell and donate. Then you can move everything into its appropriate pile as you work, making it easier to organize your efforts.

3. Discard, sell, or donate items that don’t belong

It is a good idea to hire a dumpster that you can keep out in the driveway as you work. You can then take everything from your discard pile and throw it into the dumpster immediately. This is a great way to work more efficiently and clear all the junk as you go. As for the other “out” piles, make a plan to sell or donate the items in them as quickly as possible. Take your donatable items to your favorite charity – or ask them to come and collect them (some of them are prepared to do so). Then, you may want to host a garage sale to move the items that you can convert into cash.

4. Hire extra help

Two sets of hands are always better than one, and there may be a lot of heavy lifting involved. If you don’t have enough people at home to help with the job, consider hiring a helper for a day or two.

5. Figure out the ideal garage layout

A garage clearout offers a great opportunity to reorganize the space. You have probably thrown junk into whatever space was available. By organizing the garage now, and setting a dedicated space for everything, you can keep the place organized and tidy and prevent any further clutter.

6. Put everything in its place

Deciding on a good layout is one thing – sticking to it is another. Once you have decided on the correct place for all the things you are going to keep in the garage, put everything where it belongs and then commit to keeping it there.

7. Call Junk Boss removal to discard your unwanted items

Another helpful service, aside from dumpster rental, is professional junk removal. Call Junk Boss to come and remove the junk you have decided to discard from your garage. We are fast and efficient, and our rates are flexible, based on whether your garage junk will take up a ¼, ½, ¾, or full load in one of our trucks. If you need help hauling things away as you clean out junk from your garage, call us today.