Home appliance removal done incorrectly can result in injury or hazardous waste harming the environment. Hiring a junk removal service is convenient and responsible. Junk Boss, situated in Oklahoma City, makes junk removal easy for you and safe for everyone.

What types of home appliances can be disposed of using a junk waste service? 

There is no limit on what types of appliance Junk Boss takes. We take many from as big as refrigerators and freezers to appliances as small as blenders or fans.

Will waste removal service companies recycle my household refrigerator?

Your household refrigerator will be taken apart and then recycled for scrap metal in manufacturing.

Do the junk companies charge for the disposal of the appliances? 

Junk Boss charges you a fee that is inclusive of the removal, fuel, and disposal.

Is it possible to schedule a pickup date with waste removal companies, like Junk Boss? 

A scheduled pickup date with Junk Boss, 48 hours in advance is best.

Is a heavy lifting fee charged to move large home junk appliances? 

Large home junk appliances are heavy to lift, another reason to let Junk Boss do the heavy lifting for you. Our free estimate given is all-inclusive.

Who will buy my old unwanted appliances? 

If you are unable to sell your unwanted appliances, Junk Boss can haul them off for you and ensure they are being recycled.

How do I dispose of small junk kitchen appliances in Oklahoma City? 

Small junk kitchen appliances are harmful to the environment if not disposed of correctly. Junk Boss can remove and dispose of most appliances properly in Oklahoma City.

Contact Junk Boss today for the convenient and responsible removal and disposal of your appliances. Get a free estimate for any cleanout or removal project.