Decluttering with Junk Boss

Are you tired of all that junk that’s been stacking up in the garage? If you’re in over your head, it might be time to start throwing out things that you’re tired of and don’t need anymore. Junk Boss can take care of your needs this fall without you having to do all the heavy lifting. Here’s more on how Junk Boss can help this season:

Cleaning Up The Pool

When you’re ready to seal up the pool, Junk Boss has your back. We’ll clear away any of the pool toys, trash and floaties that need to be hauled off. If you’re worried about anything left behind, just point and ask your personal crew to take care of it.

Clear Your Backyard

Cleanup can always be a problem when it comes to family gatherings and backyard grill outs. Let the team at Junk Boss get your yard ready. Whether it’s removing an old grill or cleaning out outdoor furniture that’s weathered one too many storms, Junk Boss can help you keep things cooking.

Locally Owned and Operated in OKC

Clean your entire backyard or get ready for your next holiday get-together. No matter how big or small your daily jobs are, count on Junk Boss to take control and safely remove what you do or don’t need anymore. We offer competitive pricing with no hidden fees, so give us a call today for an easy estimate over the phone!