Whether you use your warehouse for storage, stock, staff work desks, or all those things, a clean clutter-free warehouse will go a long way to improving productivity, safety, and the future of your business operations. The following offers tips on how to keep your warehouse decluttered, organized, and clean – and why you need to.

Why Keeping Your Warehouse Clean is Important

Keeping your warehouse clean is a core aspect of warehouse management. There are several benefits to having a well-organized, uncluttered, and clean warehouse:

A clutter-free and clean warehouse:

  • Improves efficiency, stock management, cash flow, and production.
  • Promotes staff productivity, helping businesses retain staff and avoid hiring
  • Is crucial for the safety, health, and well-being of workers
  • Minimizes fire and other threats to your business and inventory
  • Ensures your business will pass regulatory inspections (especially the ‘surprise’ visits) and meet requirements for insurance, production, storage, and worker safety.

How Often Should You Clean Your Warehouse

Health and safety regulations for your industry, products, warehouse use, and other variables will often specify how often and how your warehouse must be cleaned.

There are certain cleaning and warehouse decluttering tasks that should always be done daily. Others can be scheduled for regular, more intensive cleaning.

Warehouse Organization Ideas and Cleaning Tips

Cleaning and decluttering your warehouse need not be as time-consuming and labor-intensive as you may think. Following are some tips on how to streamline both cleaning and decluttering your warehouse:

Make a Cleaning Schedule and Update it Regularly

Sticking to a regular cleaning schedule is essential for warehouse cleaning and maintenance. It also helps to minimize the time, hassle, and expenses associated with maintaining a clean, clutter-free warehouse. You can adjust the schedule as needed.

Clear Bins on a Daily Basis

Some cleaning tasks need to be done daily. This is not only for cleanliness and hygiene; it’s often required under workplace health and safety regulations. Bins are an example of this. Trash and trash bins should be emptied every day.

Clean on the Go 

Clean warehouse floors and dust shelves every day or whenever you see they need cleaning. Get rid of loose packaging, boxes, and any other trash as it’s generated. Clean up spills immediately, and dust off electronic equipment and work surfaces daily. Cleaning and decluttering your warehouse is as easy as not letting clutter and dirt build up unnecessarily.

Don’t Ignore Hard to Reach Areas

Don’t leave the hard-to-reach areas for deep cleaning only. These are the same areas where dirt and dust accumulate – quickly becoming grime that is difficult to remove and potentially hazardous – especially if you have old things such as old electronics lying around.

Keep the Right Cleaning Products on Hand

The right cleaning products make all the difference, and certain products may be mandated for your industry and workspace safety. Maintain a supply of the right cleaning products at all times to ensure you have what you need when you need it.

Track Your Storage Capacity

One of the best warehouse organization tips is: do not ‘stuff’ your warehouse. Keep stock at an optimal level for the available storage space. Overstocked storage in warehouses can make it difficult to keep it clean and may contravene labor and safety laws.

Plan Your Warehouse Interior to Prioritize Open Space

A clutter-free, tidy, and well-organized warehouse with plenty of open space is an easily cleaned warehouse. Organizing your warehouse to maximize open space will also contribute to staff productivity and help you adhere to safety regulations. Get rid of the clutter before you look for creative warehouse organization ideas to make the most of your warehouse capacity and floor space.

Removing Excess Warehouse Trash and Garbage

Excess trash and garbage (such as old computers and electronics) should never be allowed to accumulate in any warehouse – whether it’s used for storage, machinery, or office cubicles. You should also have it removed from the property on the same day as the warehouse clearout.  This is easy to do with a dumpster rental from a junk removal service.

Decluttering your warehouse, and keeping it clean and well organized is easy with professional warehouse junk removal services from Junk Boss to collect, haul and dispose of your warehouse trash. They can even help you declutter and put all your unwanted items into a dumpster before taking it away.