Demolition and property cleanouts can be overwhelming jobs, generating tons of waste that then needs to be removed efficiently. Whatever your objectives may be with your commercial demolition or cleanout, it is a good idea to leave the junk removal aspects to professionals. You can then concern yourself with the many other tasks you are probably juggling. Before you call a demolition and junk removal service, however, read these tips on how to prepare for your demolition and cleanout.

Helpful Tips For Your Light Commercial Demolitions and Cleanouts

As you move forward with your cleanout, take note of the following tips to make the job safer and more efficient:

  • Make safety your priority: Safety always comes first when it comes to demolitions and large-scale cleanouts. The most important part of preparing for demolition is to make sure professionals have surveyed the condition of the structure to check for any possibility of unplanned collapse at any point. Prepare carefully for the demolition and ensure that everybody, as well as their possessions, are safely away from the structure before proceeding.
  • Remove all belongings: You will want to sort, pack and remove all belongings, furniture, etc., long before demolition day. This process can be a time-consuming one and so should be started far in advance. Set plenty of time aside to sort through everything and remove it safely.
  • Close off the area: If only part of the building is being demolished, block that area off thoroughly. Close all doors and windows and block off any vents to ensure that dust and debris don’t get into the remaining parts of the building.
  • Make interim arrangements: Whether you are demolishing a home or a commercial property, you will need to ensure that there are arrangements for you and/or your family or staff to move to another location with other living or working arrangements. Get your alternative accommodation or workspace pinned down well in advance of demolition day.  

Available Commercial Property Cleanout Services

Junk Boss can help you prepare your space for demolition by hauling away any junk you come across as you are clearing out the building. We can also clear away the debris once the job is done. We are a professional junk removal company capable of providing a variety of commercial cleanup services. These include:

  • Junk removal and hauling: We help homeowners and commercial property owners get rid of all kinds of junk. You just call us, and we take the trash away in one of our trucks. You can call us either before or after your demolition – or both.
  • Office cleanout and junk removal: If you are demolishing an office space, you probably have quite a job ahead of you clearing out all of the furniture, cabinets, etc., before the big day comes. Much of it you will probably have taken to your new location by a moving company. However, there is sure to be plenty of junk that has accumulated over the years, and you can take this opportunity to get rid of it. We can help you with that.
  • Warehouse cleanout: If the time has come to bring down an old warehouse, you first need to clear out all the stock, shelving and junk that currently occupies the space. Let us help you get rid of all the things you no longer need so you can make your warehouse demolition more efficient and fast.
  • Electronic waste removal: Have you piled a lot of electronic waste as you strip your commercial space in preparation for demolition? No problem, Junk Boss will come and take away those old computers, monitors, televisions, printers, copy machines and more.

Before you get started with your demolition project, or as you begin picking up the pieces after the job is done, give Junk Boss a call. We are a professional junk hauling company that can help you with efficient demolition and junk removal services in the Oklahoma City area. Let us help you make your task easier!