All businesses generate junk. Even if your organization is not a manufacturing enterprise, just being in business for a long period of time often results in an accumulation of junk. Whether it’s that old office furniture and equipment you’re no longer using or simply large amounts of trash and debris, it all has to be disposed of somehow.

Moving junk can not only be risky because office equipment tends to be large and heavy, getting injured is a very real consequence, but it is also time-consuming. You also need to take into account all of the associated costs of disposing of office junk. Dumping fees vary and additional costs may be applied for disposing of old televisions or CRT monitors as well as the extra fees associated with potentially hazardous wastes.

Commercial junk removal is not like taking out the trash. There’s much more to proper junk removal and disposal than simply throwing stuff into the back of a truck and hauling it off to the dump. The knowledge of what can be disposed of legally and where to take it represents a large part of what makes using professional disposal services a better choice.

Determine the dumpster size you require for your commercial waste disposal 

Gaining an understanding of dumpster sizes and dimensions will go a long way in helping you select the right container for your needs. You need to be sure that everything will fit in your dumpster, while also not overselling how much space you need.

If we have the dimensions of a dumpster in feet, you can calculate the number of cubic yards of debris the dumpster can hold with this formula:

Multiply length X width X height in feet to get total cubic feet

Divide total cubic feet by 27 to get the number of cubic yards ((LxWxH)/27 = Cu. Yd.)

Dumpster dimensions are typically given in feet and are measured from the outside of the container.  The above formula may slightly over-estimate the volume if you’re using the exterior dimensions of the dumpster. To get a more precise interior volume, use interior dimensions less approximately 6 to 8 inches off of each exterior measurement (i.e., an 8 ft. exterior width becomes 7.3 ft. interior width).

However, for the best estimate, it’s a good idea to call your local dumpster rental company and describe to them the type of project you’re doing and the kind of debris you need the dumpster for. They will be able to gauge whether you need a 6-yard dumpster or a 10, 15, or 22-yard roll-off dumpster for the job.

Roll-off commercial dumpster for office cleanouts

Just like your home tends to collect unnecessary items, your office workspace may have accumulated junk that needs to be removed. When you’re a small business owner, you often try to do it all. However, hauling away the junk accumulated from your spring cleaning should be left to the professionals. Instead of placing the burden on your own time and resources, it’s best to outsource a company that specializes in office cleanout and office junk removal.

A 6-yard box top dumpster is the perfect size for medium to large scale businesses. They are great for collecting a mixed amount of waste from commercial locations as they can usually hold about 36 large trash bags or 72 regular sized trash bags.

Roll-off commercial dumpster for office complex cleanouts

Once a company begins to grow, it may be time to move into a different office space in order to accommodate the changes. Over time, your office furniture and equipment becomes broken and outdated and needs to be replaced. Suddenly, you find yourself facing the task of office junk removal.

When your clean up projects take more than a few trash cans to remove your junk, a dumpster rental becomes the go-to solution for fast and effective waste removal.

A 10-yard dumpster is able to hold material up to 10 cubic yards. To break it down that is approximately 4 pick-up truck loads of waste making them ideal for large volume businesses such as office complexes, warehouses, schools, and apartment complex cleanouts.

The all-purpose 15-yard dumpster commercial home additions waste removal 

If you’re clearing out a home before a move, renting out an older apartment building in need of renovations, or moving your business, you’ll likely have plenty of garbage to contend with.

Dumpster rental is an ideal scenario if you need to dispose of this garbage on your own schedule and don’t want to deal with any complex coordination. They’re perfect for ongoing projects, as they allow you to take as much time as you need to fill them.

A 15-yard dumpster is perfect in this situation. They typically hold up to 15 cubic yards of debris, which is about 70-90 13-gallon trash bags. It is medium-sized and fits comfortably in most driveways.

Contractors, homeowners, and remodeling companies generally use 15-yard roll off dumpsters to remove debris from renovation projects like:

  • Remodeling or small home additions
  • Foreclosure cleanout
  • Apartment cleanout or apartment junk removal
  • Garage cleanouts
  • Removing yard waste
  • Removing walls, flooring, and carpet

22-yard construction site dumpster rental for debris removal 

Just how big is a 22-yard container? The typical dimensions are 17.5 feet long, 8.25 feet wide, and 5.75 feet high. It can hold up to 20 cubic yards of material, which is equal to about 120 13-gallon trash bags. These dumpsters are suitable for projects of any size. 

This is the most popular dumpster size for landscaping companies, construction companies, and homeowners. These containers are ideal for a wide range of projects like removing trees, yard dumpsters, property cleanout services or property management cleanout, and waste removal of construction junk during big construction projects.

Same day roll-off dumpster rental 

If you are looking for a dumpster for your construction site or home… or even a school sports day,  pick a company that will give you great advice on what type of unit to rent, and make sure they’ll be flexible on their rental services such as their waste collection pick-up dates. If your project becomes a little more intense than you planned, make sure they’ll come to pick up your unit and drop off an empty one so your project can stay on track.

Dumpster rental for communities 

Many people do not consider renting a dumpster because they have no idea how much it costs. They assume it’s astronomical and they think their truck bed or trailer is big enough, or they believe a dumpster is just too big for their needs. Think about joining forces with your neighbors.  There are community yard sales- why not a community clean-up?  Dumpster sharing can be a great way to get to know your neighbors a little better, while everybody gains a cleaner area, home, and community. Dumpsters are ideal for community events such as sports clubs and religious gatherings, fairs and flea markets, charity events, and parades. If you think you don’t have enough trash or junk- join forces with your community.

Common questions about commercial waste dumpster rental 

  • How long can you keep a rented dumpster?

Up to 10 days at a time

  • Can pods be placed on a sloped driveway?

Yes, pods can be placed on a hill or incline. Roll-off dumpsters have wheels located in the back to assist the dumpster on and off of the flatbed truck, but when a roll-off dumpster is resting on the ground, the rollers only occupy a small percentage of the surface that is touching the ground. Therefore, roll off dumpsters are perfectly safe to place on a slight incline.  However, dumpsters cannot be placed sideways on an incline because it could potentially tip over.

  • What is not allowed in a dumpster?

Tires, Refrigerators, and hazardous waste. For tires and refrigerators please inquire about our valet junk removal services.

  • What do you do with drywall scraps?

They are taken to recycling facilities. Drywall can be recycled into textured wall sprays, acoustical coatings, gypsum stucco, and fire barriers.

  • How do you dispose of moldy drywall?

It gets disposed of in the landfill.

  • Does wood go in the bin?

Yes, wood is acceptable.

  • What can you throw in a rented dumpster?

Everything besides tires, refrigerators, and hazardous waste.

  • What’s the smallest dumpster you can rent?

A 6-yard dumpster

  • What size roll-off dumpster do I need?

It depends on the amount of waste you are wanting to dispose of. To be certain, it’s always best to ask a professional from one of your local dumpster rental companies, like Junk Boss.

  • Will the dumpster damage my client’s driveway?

Ni, it will not. Every dumpster is carefully placed on 2×6 boards to protect the driveway or surface that it is placed on.

  • How large is a 20-yard dumpster?

Width: 8 ft. 3 in.

Length: 17 ft. 5 in.

Height: 5 ft. 9 in.

  • How do roll-off trucks work?

The containers are designed to fit on the back of your truck. The trucks use a hydraulic lift and elevate the back to get the containers to slide off. When the container is full, roll-off drivers use a cable-and-winch system to drag it back onto the truck in order to haul it to the landfill. So the truck does all the heavy lifting.

Junk Boss waste management dumpster rentals 

To keep your business or project running cleanly and efficiently, it’s critical to choose a rental dumpster service company that makes your waste disposal hassle free. You also need a dumpster rental service provider that offers affordable commercial dumpsters in a variety of sizes and one that can customize an ideal service to suit your needs.

Our professional team at Junk Boss can help you determine which items should be recycled and which can be dumped. They can answer any questions you have regarding the waste products you have gathered, including the right size dumpster for your office or home. With a dumpster rental, the easy front-loading dumpster will be delivered to your location and promptly removed when you are done. 

Junk Boss is a turn-key junk removal service specializing in residential jobs as well as commercial dumpster rentals, no job is too big or too small.

If you’re in Oklahoma or any of the surrounding areas and in the process of downsizing, renovating, or need to get rid of municipal solid waste efficiently, Junk Boss not only delivers great service but also has the best dumpsters in the area! Contact them today to find out more about the waste management services they have to offer.