Common Estate Cleanouts

When it comes to Estate Cleanouts, there is a wide-variety of cases which require a total clean out of a private property. Of these cases, the most common occur when a loved one passes away, and the family members are forced to clean out the estate in order to sell the house or downsize the widowed.  After the death of a family member, the last thing you want to do is clean their house, removing old furniture and items, as well as garbage and appliances from the estate. When dealing with death, emotions drive all decisions. It can be a difficult to handle this crisis so take time to learn about your options and never do it alone. It is best to bring someone who is not emotionally attached from the situation the you trust and is reliable to get rid of the old junk.

Prepare and Organize Removal Process

After the loss of a loved one, sorting through items and furniture that might have been sentimental or important to your family member can be a daunting task. The process can be even more grueling because your emotions and mental state are unstable. The best practice is to catalog an estate, which will take time but is completely necessary. Taking pictures of the items and the space it held can help you make a keepsake album of them.  Not only will this help with cataloging, it will help with the grieving process without the shock of watching all of your loved one’s things being removed. Being patient, sifting through and reminiscing, and listening to stories of memories can be therapeutic for everyone and make the process easier.

Seek a Professional

A great way to unburden everyone emotionally attached to, or burdened by this task, is choosing to seek professional help. When seeking professional help, look for somebody who will be patient, punctual, and respectful while treating you with care and understanding. The work can be overwhelming physically and emotionally, so let Junk Boss lend you a hand. With years of experience in helping customers with estate cleanouts, we understand that when a loved one passes away you don’t need to worry about cleaning up their apartment or house. Junk Boss offers Estate Cleanout and Junk Removal with a concentration the customers well-being!

Call Junk Boss for Your Estate Cleanup Services Needs

Junk Boss is here to take care of all your Estate Cleanout jobs delicately and responsible. Call Junk Boss, a locally owned business based out of Edmond, serving the OKC metro. We often have better rates than our competitors due to our volume-based pricing, no hidden fees and obligation-free estimates. Contact us today to get an estimate on an Estate Cleanout!