Is the junk in your garage getting out of control? Junk removal companies can remove your unwanted items and help you reclaim your space. Junk removal services are for spring cleans, remodeling projects, and more.

It is essential to consider a few things for garage junk removal; do you have someone who could help you or, do you have to hire someone for the job? Also, consider the transport – do you have a vehicle large enough to haul the junk or, would you have to rent a trailer or van? Consider the disposal fee in your City. Ensure that you know where you can recycle appliances, and be aware of the time it will take you. All things considered, hiring Junk Boss is cheaper and more time-efficient.


Common Questions about the costs implications of garage junk removal 

Q. What is the cheapest way to organize a garage, and how is the hauling charged?

A. The cost of junk removal varies by the items being picked up, with prices starting at $99; the cost includes the truck, labor, and disposal of the items.


Q. My garage is full of everything. Will an Oklahoma junk removal business move this available junk and donate it for me?

A. Unfortunately not, but Junk Boss offers junk removal services at great rates. If you have items that can be donated, some charities like the Salvation Army will collect them.

Getting a quote on your garage cleanout is quick and easy when you use Junk Boss. All you have to do is email or text pictures of the unwanted item(s), and we will provide you with a free estimate.

For professional and reliable junk removal our friendly staff will get the job done, contact us today!