People downsize their homes for many reasons. You may want to get rid of unused space, save money, or declutter your home. Downsizing your home can be an excellent decision for many stages in your life. You can downsize once all your children leave the nest or even if you’ve recently saved enough money and want to travel the world for a while. 

Here are a few handy tips you can use to downsize and declutter your home with ease:

Go Digital Wherever You Can

Everyone has a drawer filled with old documents, bills, receipts, and more. You can declutter the space by storing these ancient documents in a file or plastic container. Also, make a digital copy of these documents to avoid paper clutter. You can also make digital copies of old home movies, photos, and music, save them to the cloud or store them on a hard drive. This will free up tons of space in your home. 

Keep And Throw Pile

As you sort through all these items, you’ll realize that you need a system to keep track of all the things you want to keep and those you want to throw away. 

The keep pile should contain the items that you use daily. The throw-away pile should contain items you don’t use anymore or even duplicate items. When sorting through your belongings, ensure you don’t throw smaller wanted items into the throw-away pile. Small objects like phone chargers and jewelry can be easily missed.

Set Clear Rules For Decluttering

Once you start decluttering, ensure you stick to strict rules. This way, you can avoid having a giant “maybe” pile. As you start combing through your household items, making exceptions for many items will be easier. You might even end up moving the pile of items from one side of the room to the other.

In addition to the keep and throw piles, you should create a donate or sell pile, recycle pile, and pass it down or memorialize (through a photo) pile. Feel free to create pile categories that suit your goals and needs. But avoid making “maybe” piles. 

Only retain items that are useful in your everyday life. Sentimental or seasonal items can be placed in storage. 

Take It One Room At A Time

It’s a good idea to declutter rooms one at a time. This way, the downsizing process doesn’t feel as time-consuming and overwhelming. Additionally, you’ll find the project easier to complete if you break it down into smaller, manageable chunks. You can create a daily schedule where you work on a specific room section. Some small tasks you can tackle every day include:

  • Sorting through shoes
  • Sorting through old DVDs and games
  • Remove items of clothing you don’t wear or want anymore
  • Get rid of any unwanted or old kitchen items
  • Match containers and pots with their correct lids

Once you’ve decluttered your entire home, ensure you take a photo! This way, you can never forget the hard work and effort you put into the decluttering process and avoid falling back into old habits. 

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