If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, throwing away junk in your garage, or building a new home completely, you definitely need a dumpster!

Most trash collection services usually won’t take on large furniture pieces, broken appliances, and more. But a container from a professional dumpster service will. 

But you can’t just toss everything in the dumpster in any order and hope for the best. There are efficient ways you can load your dumpster to maximize space. Loading your dumpster correctly can also help you reduce costs and delays.

Here are four handy tips you can use to get the most out of your roll off dumpster rental.

Load Up Evenly

Loading heavy items on one side of the dumpster can make the container tip over. This can injure people and damage other people’s property when the dumpster is being transported.

As a result, try to distribute heavier items like bricks along the bottom of the dumpster. Lighter items should go at the top. Being aware of how you load your dumpster can make a huge difference in the long run. 

Bag Lighter Items

You should place lighter items like paper documents, fabric, and clothing into rubbish bags to prevent them from flying out of the dumpster, especially on windy days.

If you’re completing a home remodel, ensure you keep garbage bags near you. This way, you can toss these light items into the bag immediately. Bagging also lets you free up dumpster space for larger waste items. 

Think of a Jigsaw Puzzle While Loading Your Dumpster

If you’re throwing away flat items like boards and tiles, ensure you place these items at the bottom of the dumpster. When it comes to larger furniture items like sofas and fridges, you’ll need to find a way to fill in the gaps they create. You can do this by placing smaller items in the gaps to maximize space.  

Never Overfill

Your dumpster will be transported to another location once it’s filled, so ensure you don’t overfill it. Some items might fall out on the way there if you do.

Items hanging out your dumpster can also injure people while it’s being transported. 

Additionally, some companies may refuse to transport your overfilled dumpster. So, if you want to avoid long-term eyesores on your property, it’s a good idea to ensure your dumpster is at the correct capacity. Or consider getting more dumpster rentals.

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