Sometimes tenants leave items behind when they vacate their apartment. They may also need easy junk removal for objects that need to be replaced. A junk removal company can help in either case. Here’s how

Why would property cleanouts be necessary?

There are certain instances when previous tenants leave apartments in conditions that make them messy, cluttered, or unsanitary. You need to hire apartment clean-out services to properly and quickly take care of these items before new tenants move in. Here are some examples of when apartment junk removal services come in:


When people are evicted, they may leave junk items behind as they don’t have the time to deal with them. They may also not want to spend money they don’t have on moving trucks. Landlords and managers usually don’t have the time either to sort through this junk. An apartment clean-up service may be needed in these cases. Junk removal services usually take care of apartment trash removal as part of their hauling services.

Hiring a junk removal company like Junk Boss will help you to quickly dispose of these unwanted items. You don’t have to break your back moving heavy furniture or take time off your day to sort through gross items. Junk Boss has professional movers who will do all of this for you…and more.

Damage to property

Damaging property is unfortunate but is likely to occur especially if you are renting out to students or younger adults who are less mature. If you are dealing with students or people who are renting for a short term, you will probably want the apartment cleaned out as soon as possible so you can make room for the next tenant.

Junk Boss offers same-day junk removal services and quick removal services where possible. We will handle your trash removal for apartments and haul off damaged items quickly while you arrange for your next tenant to move in.

Abandoned items and furniture

There are some cases when a tenant abandons items such as furniture or large appliances. Whether they were in a hurry to move out, couldn’t arrange for a moving truck, or relocated to a new country, an apartment clean-up is going to be necessary before you can rent out the apartment.

Junk removal experts such as Junk Boss have the equipment and dumpsters to haul out any heavy equipment and appliances. Our team of experienced movers will get rid of the abandoned items by disposing of them (or recycling where we can).


There’s nothing more frustrating and scary than having illegal residents on your property. They will not leave easily and when they do, it is likely that they broke items or damaged your property. Once you can get rid of the squatters, you are going to desperately need an apartment clean-out service, like Junk Boss to help to get rid of anything that is damaged, unwanted, or just an eye-sore.

The best property cleanout and junk removal company

Junk Boss is the team you need for an apartment cleanout, and here’s why:

  • We only employ trained staff
  • We background check our staff and ensure they have the equipment and physical capability to handle your apartment clean up
  • We properly dispose of junk and follow legal procedures to do so 
  • We recycle certain items such as large appliances 
  • Our team can handle any apartment size and remove any amount of junk
  • If you need a dumpster rental, we have affordable rental solutions available

Give us a call today for easy junk removal for any apartment!