Efficient Office Disassembly

Office furniture and cubicles is often very bulky and this makes it hard to renovate or de-clutter offices. Junk Boss is able to efficiently remove office furniture by disassembling it first, then hauling the pieces onto our truck or into the container. Disassembly can be tricky and too time consuming, especially if you have a big office in Edmond, OK. The easiest and fastest way to get unwanted junk out of your office is by hiring Junk Boss. Our team is experienced in disassembling and removing office furniture so you don’t have to!

Office Junk is Heavy

Let’s face it, office junk, even when disassembled, is often times heavy and bulky. Aside from being able to lift the junk, you need vehicles big enough to hold it. Junk Boss, located in Edmond, can help you in both of these areas! Our team will arrive on time with our own junk truck, ready to fill it up! Simply point to what you don’t want and we’ll do the heavy lifting.

We Recycle Reusable Materials

At Junk Boss, we always try to salvage and recycle as much as possible. Of course, not everything will be able to be recycled, but we make sure all of our junk gets to the right place. Edmond is our home too, and we do our part to keep the environment clean.

Cost Efficient Office Junk Removal in Edmond, OK

Offices come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter how big or small your pile of junk is, depend on Junk Boss to make your next junk removal project easy. We offer up-front, volume based pricing with no hidden fees. Call Junk Boss now so you can clean up that old office!