Kitchens can hold a lot of junk, that’s no secret. Organize kitchen items easily by following our guide to organizing a kitchen in 5 steps. 

Empty All Your Cabinets

The first step to kitchen organization is to empty everything! Organizing kitchen items can be especially difficult if you don’t have space. Create some space for yourself by emptying all of your kitchen cabinets, not just the cupboard you are working with first. Keep a trash bag or bin with you as you do this so you can toss out unwanted items as you go. Junk food items will be anything past its expiring date or anything you have not used in the past 6 months or so. The best way to organize kitchen cabinets is to keep cabinet items you are using/keeping on your kitchen island, table, or a corner near you as you tackle the unwanted junk.

Throw Away or Donate Any Broken, Unwanted, or Unneeded Items

While you are organizing your kitchen, take note of broken items. These may be gadgets or kitchenware that are no longer working. It may be tempting to keep these items around in the hope that you can fix them, but if you haven’t used them in months, you probably won’t be using them even after you repair them. Broken items therefore need to be tossed out. 

When you organize your kitchen, you might find items that are still of good quality but you probably won’t use, such as old mugs or chipped plates. Consider donating these items to someone who needs them, such as a charity, a Soup Kitchen, or a thrift store. Don’t forget to go through your duplicate items. You may have extra pots or cups that you don’t make use of that can be donated to the less fortunate. 

Make a Plan for Your New Kitchen Organization

Learning how to organize a kitchen is no different than any other organizing task. You need a plan. Take a picture of what you have or write down an inventory list. Tick off items that you are getting rid of that you plan to donate. You can label each item under categories and then assign a cabinet for each category, for example, glassware in one cabinet and canned food in another. 

Maximize Your Space With Organization Tools

Organization tools can help you easily clean up a cluttered kitchen. Tools can include items that will help you to save space such as shelves or storage organizers. If you don’t have a lot of space, consider making the most of the space you already have. You can do this by stacking things vertically or stacking things on top of each other. Just make sure you take note of where each item is so you don’t have to waste time looking for it.

Make Sure Your Chosen Organization Method Suits You

When learning how to organize your kitchen, it is important to choose methods that work for you. For example, you might not like using a cupboard for utensils. In this case, you can try putting utensils in a jar or ornament and keep them on top of a kitchen island or countertop. Keep the items you use often such as salt or pepper within reach. If you are a coffee lover, you may want to keep coffee mugs and coffee makers right in front of you. 

You may also want to adjust your organizational method to suit your family. For example, if you have little kids running about, it may not be wise to keep dangerous items such as knives within easy reach even if you use them often. Instead of this, you can keep a cupboard with kid-friendly plastic kitchenware for them to easily reach. 

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