Your playground has been lying dormant for the past few months. Old equipment has been sitting unused in the cold and wet, and some of it has probably been in storage. It is now time to dust off those slides and swing sets, and get ready for the warm months ahead. Here are some tips to help you make your kids’ playground pristine and appealing.

Remove old equipment from your home and yard

First of all, let’s address your old playground equipment. It is time to get rid of those rusty, faded and broken items that have been sitting and rotting on the lawn and concrete through the winter months. Playground equipment is awkward to move at the best of times – no less so when you plan to carry them to the nearest landfill, recycling facility, or charitable organization. This is where Junk Boss can help. Call us and schedule a junk removal visit, and we will send one of our trucks over to handle that heavy lifting for you. This will make it easy for you to make way for new playground equipment that will be much safer and more fun for the kids to use.

Clean out the yard

Making the playground safe and attractive involves more than just taking care of the equipment. You will also need to clear out the yard, take care of the lawn, get rid of the leaves that have piled up over the course of the winter. It might be worth your while considering a dumpster rental to help you manage your playground cleanout. You can keep the dumpster on-site for at least seven days, and use it to dispose of all your yard refuse, as well as your decaying and outdated equipment. Once you are done, we will simply come and haul the full dumpster away.

Prepare the equipment for the summer

Aside from buying and installing new equipment, you may have some items that you have kept in storage during winter. Now is the time to bring them out. Hopefully, you have kept them safely packed and covered during their hibernation, and it is now a fairly simple matter of carrying them out and reassembling them. Here are some steps you might take as you begin to get everything in running order:

  • Inspect the ground surface on all the spots where you intend to set up any equipment. Make sure that the ground is even and fill in any holes. Ensure that each piece of equipment is stable and secure before allowing it to be used.
  • Prepare the sandbox. Hopefully, you have kept it covered during the winter, keeping it safe from the weather and animals. Check to ensure that the composition of the sand is still good, and remove any debris and clumps.

Clean all your equipment

Most importantly, make sure that all your equipment is clean before allowing the kids to start using it. Wash everything down with a hose and perhaps a light detergent. Check in nooks and crannies where spider webs and insect nests might be hiding. Sure, it is going to get dirty over the summer anyway, but why not start off by making it as clean and presentable as possible?

Let Junk Boss help you with your yard and playground preparation. We can remove your playground equipment or provide a dumpster in which you can dispose of debris and old equipment as you work. Contact us for more information.