Relocating your warehouse can be a daunting task. However, there are ways to make the warehouse clearout and move a lot easier, faster, and far more efficient. There’s a lot you can do in advance to ensure that your warehouse move and clearout goes smoothly.

Make a Warehouse Transition Plan 

If you are not sure how to prepare for a warehouse clearout and move, start by drawing up a warehouse transition plan. This will help you organize the move, decide what to move, when, and how to move it. It will also help you decide on what to throw out when you do the warehouse clearout.  

Planning warehouse trash removal is a core part of planning the logistics of the move while still operating as a business. Efficient trash reduction and removal is essential to help your employees maintain productivity while the clearout and move are in progress. 

A warehouse transition plan will also help you ensure that you leave your old warehouse clean and free of junk – leaving you free to concentrate on your new warehouse location.

Tips for planning your warehouse clearout and move include the following:

Take Stock of All Your Inventory 

The first thing you need to do is to take stock of your warehouse inventory. Do a full inventory stock take, leaving nothing out, then continue to track stock movement right up to the moment of the move. Inventory management is essential to ensure that all inventory that leaves your old warehouse arrives in your new warehouse. Full inventory stocktake will help you prepare for the move in other ways, including helping you create a watertight warehouse relocation checklist. 

Clear Up Your Inventory and Make an Inventory Transfer Plan 

You may not want to move your entire inventory. A timely stock-take will help you identify inventory that is better disposed of or replaced and make a cost-effective, and efficient inventory transfer plan with minimal impact on your business, reputation, and staff productivity. It will also help you optimize junk removal at the clearout stage.

Make Sure You Have the Right Resources for Moving 

Don’t wait for moving day to pack and arrange transport for the move. Make sure you have everything set up beforehand – from move logistics to junk removal. 

Change Your Address and Notify the Right People 

Moving your warehouse and business operations to a new address may require considerable administrative preparation. At the very least, it’s a good idea to let your suppliers and customers know about the move well in advance. Make sure your change your address in all communications and marketing channels, as well as on invoices and other operational documentation. 

Scheduling and Planning Are Essential 

Schedule a staggered move if you can, if that will be a better option. Package what you can in advance. A well-thought-out schedule and meticulous planning can make big, complex warehouse relocations simple and relatively easy. Proper scheduling and planning are essential if you want to avoid inevitable ‘unforeseen’ hiccups’, damaged or lost inventory, and lost work hours. 

Make the Right Provisions 

Make sure your staff and moving contractors have what they need to make the move. You don’t want to be looking around for packing materials on the day of the move. Making the right provisions also include organizing the services you will need for the warehouse clearout as well as the move itself. This includes warehouse junk removal services.

Get Help from Junk Boss 

Junk Boss offers professional warehouse junk removal services that will leave you free to concentrate on your move and setting up your inventory and staff in your new warehouse. Let Junk Boss take the hassle out of your warehouse clearout and reduce the costs, lost time and hard work of your warehouse move.  Junk Boss can help you clear junk, remove it, dispose of it appropriately, and clean up afterwards.