Spring is the time to revive your lawn after the cold months and prepare it to thrive during the summer. All things considered, you should be quite busy mowing, fertilizing, raking and cleaning in your yard during the spring, and will generate plenty of waste as a result. How do you then safely remove your yard junk and waste? Here are a few tips that will help.

Junk Boss will collect your yard waste anytime

The best way to keep your yard clear of junk and debris during these busy months is to make sure that the debris doesn’t get a chance to pile up. As soon as you have collected any significant amount of debris, you can call Junk Boss to come and clear it away for you. This makes your tasks so much easier and more convenient, as you don’t have to worry about disposing of the junk as it collects.

Rent a yard waste dumpster

If you don’t want to call our junk removal teams too regularly, renting a dumpster is a great alternative. We will place the dumpster on your property, you can load it up with debris as you progress through your yard work, and then we will come and take it away when you are ready. 

Where can I put yard waste or leaves?

There are many ways to dispose of yard waste, and they can all work well provided they are managed effectively. The important thing is not to let the waste pile up for too long. Perhaps the most effective way is to hire a dumpster. You can then dispose of the waste directly without having to collect it anywhere in your yard. Alternatively, set a particular spot aside in your yard that you can use to collect the debris – but don’t let it stay there for long. Every so often – say, once a week, depending on the amount of waste there is – you should clear this space out and either haul it to the nearest dump site yourself, or call a removal service like Junk Boss to do it for you.

Uses for grass clippings

Some yard waste doesn’t need to be disposed of at all. You can recycle it and put it to good use fertilizing and nurturing your garden and lawn. Grass clippings are extremely useful in this regard. You can compost them, you can turn them into mulch for your flowerbeds. You can even steep your grass clippings in water to create a natural, homemade organic liquid fertilizer. It is also okay to leave the clippings on the lawn and allow them to feed new growth. Not too much, though! If you allow a lot of clippings to pile up, they can block sunlight, water, and fertilizer from getting through to the growing grass below. 

Recycle leaves, tree branches, yard trimmings

Trimmings, tree branches, and the leaves that have piled up during the winter can all be recycled and fed back into your garden. Trimmings and leaves can be mulched to act as fertilizer for your lawn, flowerbeds and veggie gardens. Large tree branches are not much good for fertilizer, but they can be put to a variety of other uses. You can cut them up and use them to create anything from candleholders to stepping stones, stools, and more.

Let Junk Boss help with the removal of your winter yard waste. You can either call us to remove your debris as it accumulates or rent one of our dumpsters to help you make your yard cleaning more convenient and neat. Contact us for more information.