Hauling Away Your Garage Junk

It’s the New Year, and you’ve been looking at that garage wondering if this is the weekend you finally get around to cleaning and organizing it. Don’t you want to throw away and recycle your unwanted items to make room for everything that’s to come this year?  Here are three ways to clean your garage:

1. Start with a Clean Slate

Everything that has gotten into that garage now has to make its way out! Take all of the items from prized possessions to grungy shoes, outgrown toys and old sports equipment and sort them into piles outside of your garage. Your piles should be split into at least three categories:  keep, donate, and call to be picked up by Junk Boss. We can haul away all of your junk, hassle-free!

2. Develop a Game Plan

Based on your needs and desires, your garage must consist of a well-ordered area that is realistic but has items that have a specific place and purpose. Your piles will help you categorize and sketch out your dream floor plan to create an optimal garage. The best way to help you with your floor plan is by splitting your “keep” pile into categories, and by zoning off areas of your garage based on those categories.

3. Keep It Orderly

Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste! The best part about having a clean and organized garage is the ability to use it! Remember the reason why you wanted to take all of the junk out of your garage in the first place. You were tired of all the trash, old paint, empty boxes, home decor, and damaged gardening equipment that took up all of that unused space!

Make Garage Cleaning Easy

The key to having a less stressful garage cleaning day is by keeping everything organized. The more you plan, consolidate and think through, the less chaotic and daunting cleaning a garage will feel. We know most people have been avoiding their garage and procrastinating on cleaning it out. We love the feeling of accomplishment when unwanted items get hauled away, and we know you will too.

If you’re nervous about moving your heavy unwanted junk, let the professional team at Junk Boss do all the heavy lifting for you! Our job is to show up to your garage, and all we’ll need you to do is point out the items you want taken away. We can also provide you with dumpsters if you would rather do it on your own. Read our services page to find out how else Junk Boss can help you!