Organize your home during the COVID-19 pandemic with Junk Boss’ dumpster rental options. Being in self-quarantine means that most of us are spending more time at home, which is the perfect time to get rid of all the stuff that has accumulated in your home, garage, and attic over the years. Here’s our plan of action for taking on home-organizing during self-quarantine. 

Dumpster Rental Company’s Action plan for organizing your home during COVID-19: 

Identify your problem areas

Start by walking through your home and garage, making notes of what you want to achieve, areas that are a priority, and items you need to get rid of. This will help you to get a better understanding of how long the organization project will take and how much help you will need to get it finished. Get all the family members or house-mates involved in adding suggestions to the list and talk through what you’re planning to achieve and how each person needs to contribute. 

Plan and organize what needs to be done 

When you’ve got a proper overview of your organization issue, you’ll need to set up a plan for tackling each area. Make a list of tasks that need to complete in each area, and take note of items you might need to help you organize, including packing supplies such as boxes and containers, shelving units and even cleaning supplies. If you’re able to get those items delivered to your home while in self-quarantine, it will go a long way in removing the frustrations of uprooting your whole house without having anywhere to go with items that need to be removed.

Set out boxes for donation items that you can pack-up as each box fills up. Mark these boxes, tape them up and store them out of the way so they can be removed once everyone is allowed to move around freely again. Some organizations may still be able to accept donations during the COVID-19 pandemic, so do some research to find out about the needs of your local charity organizations and follow their donation instructions carefully to ensure the safety of everyone involved.  

You may also want to create a schedule for sorting through specific areas, prioritizing the most important areas that will give you the greatest sense of satisfaction. Break areas into smaller parts to make the tasks more manageable. Even if you sort through one cupboard at a time, you’ll still make progress. 

Contact Junk Boss for dumpster rental options

If you find that you have a lot of junk you need to get rid of that cannot be donated, you’ll want to look into dumpster rental options from Junk Boss. We have a variety of options to suit your projects, and we offer a same-day dumpster service. 

For most home-organization projects, the all-purpose 15-yard dumpster should be efficient. It can contain the equivalent of 7-8 truck beds of junk and debris and is perfect for full garage cleanouts, kitchen remodels, and even small home additions.

Tackle one area at a time and take breaks 

Organization projects are always exciting in the beginning, but finishing the project can become harder as you work through all the tasks you need to complete. The smartest way to approach home-organization is to address one area at a time to avoid becoming tired and overwhelmed. 

Take breaks from the organization process to spend some fun time with your loved ones. If you have small children, you might want to plan activities that they can keep busy with while the grown-ups work to ensure that they don’t get bored and frustrated and get under everyone’s feet. 

Celebrate a job well done 

Plan a special treat that everyone can enjoy once you’ve worked through your entire list. It may be some celebratory ice-cream or movie and popcorn on the couch. Get creative in planning the celebration and use it as a motivator to get the job done quickly. 

If you need help in getting rid of junk, old appliances, and debris, contact Junk Boss for our junk removal services. We take care of TV disposal, appliance removal, and attic cleaning for you. For more information on our dumpster rental, visit our website.