Real Estate & Junk Removal

In 2016, changes to closing disclosure regulations put forth by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ended buy credits from being the simple solution to problems such as sellers leaving furniture, not cleaning out the property properly or the buyer changing his/her mind last minute about wanting left-over items. Today, lenders require an approved addendum to the master seller settlement statement that acknowledges a change in price.  It takes time and effort to coordinate the removal of leftover personal property, requiring paperwork and cooperation. In order to avoid this and keep the closing on schedule, call a junk removal company, like Junk Boss.

Junk Boss Puts You First

By sending a few photos and a description of the items/property left that need to be removed, an invoice will be sent and can be included for payment on the seller side for the master settlement statement, completely irradiating the need for a lengthy addendum or approval process. Though it may be a challenge to find a responsive and reliable junk removal company in your area, the key is to find a company understands individual needs and puts you first. This company is Junk Boss. Junk Boss will rid the home of the items before the closing deadline with delicate care, letting you relax in the process and leaving the home looking better than ever.

No Space too big.

You could have a stuffed room or one with a few cluttered items, but that won’t matter because we’ll take care of it. You’d be surprised how much we can carry out with one truck. For example, one truck can approximately hold 9 couches and 1 twin mattress. Check out our website for more volume based details.

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Junk Boss distinguishes itself from others by being efficient and responsive to all customers, promptly responding and quickly getting your junk removal services completed. For the majority of real estate professionals, the process of having a contractor evaluate a project can be a pain. With Junk Boss, this all can be avoided. The incredible value that Junk Boss provides is a sure-fire way to benefit any closing. It doesn’t have to be so difficult, just call Junk Boss! We’re a reliable junk removal company based in Oklahoma City and we offer commitment-free quotes. Contact us today!