How Big Is Storage Rental?

There was a time where only certain people would rent or own a storage unit and facilities were somewhat far and few between. Today, having a storage unit is as common as having a garage, a phone or refrigerator. Just like most garages, these tend to get filled with junk quickly. Not only is there an abundance of storage units in this country, it’s estimated that about 1 out of 10 American households also own personal storage units, and that’s not even counting garages. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, about 25% of people with 2-car garages don’t park in them at all and a third can only park one car, due to storage clutter.

Let’s Get Hauling

While, obviously you are not going to park a car in a rented storage unit, finding room for stuff can be more than a challenge for most storage units, due to the accumulating junk and the tendency or adding items without ever removing any. This can result in the need to move everything to a larger storage unit or even buying an additional one, taking money straight from your pockets! This is America and this is a country where we are inundated with ‘stuff’ and ‘junk’, turning the storage unit business into a 40-million-dollar industry. People may even leave behind junk, leaving the storage facility managers to deal with themselves. Getting junk out of these units can be difficult and a logistical challenge.

Delegating a Storage Unit Cleanout

As a storage renter, you don’t have to do all the hard work of removing and hauling your excess junk from your storage place. Junk Boss will come and quickly clear out and haul away the unwanted or unclaimed items so you can take the weight off your shoulders, literally and figuratively. It is critical to find a professional and experience junk removal team, such as Junk Boss! Junk Boss offers professional experts who know how to safely and careful remove even the biggest, bulkiest items you have stored away.

Call Junk Boss Today!

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