Upgrade Your Appliances and Recycle the Old Ones

Whether you’re upgrading your current appliance or it’s just taking up space in the garage, getting rid of an old appliance is more difficult than just taking it to the curb. There are specific rules for disposing of appliances. They usually contain reusable metal, plastic and glass, but can also have harmful chemicals that need to be disposed of properly. Junk Boss can help you get rid of unwanted appliances easily and safely.

Easy Appliance Removal with Junk Boss

Every appliance gets a point where where it stops working properly and it’s just too old to keep fixing. Not to mention, newer appliances run more efficiently and can help you save money on energy costs. The team at Junk Boss can help you quickly and easily dispose of large, heavy appliances. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your house, garage or even outside, our team will safely remove it and haul it off. Because appliances contain re-usable materials and sometimes harmful chemicals, we make sure it’s properly recycled and disposed of.

Here are the most commonly recycled appliances:

  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Freezers and refrigerators
  • Generators
  • Stoves and ovens
  • Dishwashers
  • Air conditioners
  • Water heaters

Appliance Removal Professionals in OKC

Junk Boss is a locally owned business based out of Edmond serving the entire OKC metro. We offer competitive volume-based pricing, no hidden fees and obligation-free estimates. Our teams can haul away appliances and anything  else you need to get rid of. For estimates on junk removal or our dumpster rentals, contact us today 405-802-5865!