We all know how much junk can collect in the attic over the years. The more you put off doing an attic cleanout, the more difficult and time-consuming the task will become. It’s better to get up there the next time you have an opportunity and start sorting through all of the unwanted furniture, clothing, holiday decorations, and household items you haven’t used in over a decade. The good news is that the task is made easier when you have a junk removal company to help

How to make your attic cleanout easier

The key to making an attic cleanout less painful is to make it more systematic. Do a little planning beforehand and think about how you’re going to tackle it. In particular, think about professional services you can call to make the job easier. If you decide to work with a junk removal company, consider the following points:

  • Should you rent a dumpster or a junk removal service? Junk Boss can offer you both. If you rent a dumpster, you will need to haul your unwanted items down from the attic yourself and throw them in the dumpster, which we will then remove when you’re finished. If you would prefer us to remove the junk for you, then we will do the heavy lifting as well.
  • Think carefully about what you want to be removed from the attic. What large, heavy items will need to be taken away? Organize your cleanout around these.
  • Schedule your cleanout carefully. Work out how much time you have to spend on the job and then think about how a removal service or dumpster rental can help you do the job faster.  
  • Remember that most junk removal services won’t haul off donation items. You can contact charitable organizations nearby to pick up the things you want to donate.
  • Don’t forget to recycle whatever you can. Old appliances can often be taken to metal recycling facilities. Whatever you recycle, you will need to take to the recycling facility yourself. We can take a small amount of e-waste, but not this not our specialty.

Let Junk Boss take the fuss out of your attic cleanout. Call us today if you need junk removal or dumpster rental services in Oklahoma City.