Typically, most mattresses or box springs will need to be replaced every 8 years depending on the quality and type. So, when it comes time for you to buy a new mattress or box spring, what should you do with your old one? You cannot simply place a bulky item like a box spring in your garbage bin with your regular trash, so how best to dispose of it?

If the mattress or box spring is still in reasonable condition, then selling it or donating it is an excellent option that will keep it out of the landfill. Many charities such as the Oklahoma City Salvation Army will gladly schedule a pick up time to get your used beds and mattresses and other items you wish to donate.

But when the mattress or box spring is too old or in poor condition, then disposing of it is the final option. Rather than trying to get rid of your mattress yourself, you can hire a professional waste removal service. It is important to ask if there are any additional charges for moving heavy or bulky items such as unwanted beds and to inform the service company if you suspect the mattress is infested with bed bugs as these must be handled appropriately and there could be an additional fee.

Remember the following when getting rid of an old mattress or box spring:

  • Call a charity like the Salvation Army and ask if they will accept it
  • Hire professionals like Junk Boss to properly dispose of it
  • Ask if there is a heavy lifting service charge for heavy, or bulky items
  • Ask if there is an additional cost if the mattress is infested with bed bugs

Junk Boss is a locally owned and operated business serving the Oklahoma City Metro. We specialize in removing items like old appliances, furniture, and mattress, including those infested with bed bugs. Where possible, we recycle up to 50% of the content of our pickups and donate items whenever they are in good enough condition to do so.

If you would like to discuss or get a quotation for your mattress removal or any other waste removal or cleanout needs, contact our team at Junk Boss today for more information.