What can you put in a waste management dumpster?

If you’re throwing away regular household waste, the dumpster disposal company can probably collect it.

Prohibited items may vary depending on the type of container you have and your location. There are also different restrictions for a roll off dumpster, which is usually rented for short-term or one-time projects and for commercial dumpsters, which are used for regular trash collection at companies.

Why should you familiarize yourself with dumpster rules?

Ignoring the rules can lead to additional costs and service interruptions. If a prohibited item is found in your bin, the landfill will charge you to cover the expenses associated with safely handling the item and transferring it to the right facility.

So while you can throw away most household junk and construction debris in a rented roll off dumpster, there are still a few restrictions. The restrictions are in place for safety and environmental reasons. 

To help you avoid additional expenses and delays, here’s a list of restricted dumpster items:

Restricted Items

Here are some items you cannot place in your roll off dumpster:

  • Adhesives: Adhesives, like glue or epoxy should be placed in a recycling bin or regular household trash bin. This is because glue and epoxy can damage the container and cause other items to get glued together.
  • Food waste: Avoid placing food waste in roll off dumpsters since this can attract pests. Rather use municipal trash services when disposing of food waste.
  • Car batteries: Car batteries and lithium batteries shouldn’t be placed in a dumpster because they can leak harmful chemicals. 
  • Fluorescent light bulbs: Similar to batteries, fluorescent bulbs can’t be placed in dumpsters since they contain small amounts of mercury.
  • Household cleaners: You can only throw empty household cleaner containers in your dumpster. Ensure they have been thoroughly rinsed and do not contain any residual chemicals. 

Hazardous Waste

Here are some hazardous waste items that cannot be thrown away in a dumpster:

  • Flammable or ignitable wastes: Flammable wastes like matches, rubbing alcohol, diesel fuel, and nail polish remover can’t be placed in a dumpster because they can start fires quickly.
  • Corrosive wastes: Corrosive wastes can harm human skin and erode metal containers like dumpsters.
  • Toxic wastes: Toxic wastes like certain types of medications, antifreeze, and pesticides can harm humans when ingested.
  • Hazardous or infectious wastes: Avoid putting needles, bodily fluids, and animal waste in your disposal dumpster. These items can lead to injuries and infections. 

Not Sure About a Specific Item?

What can you put in a dumpster rental?

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