When conducting an estate clean out, you can expect for several of your loved one’s personal belongings to be hauled away. Many clients may wonder where these items get taken and what happens next. Here is a breakdown. 

The belongings that you wish to donate 

Most local charities offer curbside pickup services for the items that can be donated.  These typically include clothing, furniture, household goods, and sporting equipment. In most cases, you can make a simple phone call local charities to schedule a pickup.  There are some items that charities are not able to haul away, so that’s where we can help. 

The belongings that need to be recycled

Our Edmond OK recycle connections are diverse, so we are equipped to take a broad array of recyclable items to the correct locations.   That way, you can enjoy peace of mind that our on call junk haul and estate clean out services are doing all we can to be ‘green’. 

The belongings that cannot be recycled 

There will be instances when you find items or trash within your loved one’s possessions that cannot be recycled, such as polystyrene and certain plastics. In these cases, our team will simply take this trash to the local dump. 

Your loved one’s appliances

Here at Junk Boss, we know just how vital it is to ensure that broken or damaged appliances are properly recycled. That is why we transport all appliances to a specialty recycling facility in the metro area. This facility is equipped with a host of experts who can ensure that the appliances are adequately disassembled and disposed of correctly. We specialize in refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, and TV recycling in Edmond and Oklahoma City. 

Do you want to learn more about Edmond trash collection and estate clean out services? Then be sure to contact Junk Boss today!