Recycling – The World’s Hero

At Junk Boss, we know the importance of why recycling materials is critical to the health of our planet. Did you know that recycled steel requires 60 percent less energy to recycle than it does to make anew? When we recycle plastic, how much energy do we save? Almost 70 percent! It’s without a doubt, recycling is great for the community and the overall health of our world. There are numerous items we haul away to help the health of our OKC community, and here are the top 3 items junk recyclers pick up!

TV & Computer Monitors

TVs and monitors used to be a prized possession, but now they’re so relatively cheap that everyone wants to get rid of them! We see people recycle everything from old CRT units to flat screens. Both of these items have to be handled with special care and disposed of properly. The CRT units have to be carefully broken down to remove any lead, and flat screens contain mercury and other hazardous material that must be removed. Once taken apart, these items can be stripped of their plastic, wood and copper coils and turned into new products!

Fridges & Freezers

Recycling and disposing of fridges and freezers isn’t as easy as tossing it in the dumpster. The hardest part is removing all of the coolant chemicals from the body of the unit while keeping the entire unit intact. Hazardous and recycled materials have to be removed with an experienced team like the experts at Junk Boss. We’ll proudly take your donations to help a family in need, or, if the unit can’t be refurbished, we’ll separate the materials to be recycled individually.


That old mattress in your home or garage has been taking up space for far too long! These items are great recycling material because their metal springs (which are often made of steel) can be either shredded or crushed into cubes and then recycled to make new ones. The quilting and foam can be transformed into carpet underlay, and the fabric can be recycled into new felt and insulation. So the next time you’re about to throw away your old mattress, remember to call the professionals– Junk Boss!