Spring is a great time of year to declutter your home. Need help with your Spring junk removal? Use this Spring decluttering and junk removal checklist to help you decide what should stay and what should go.

Deep clean living space 

Do a deep clean of your living space by moving out your refrigerator, couches, and other equipment such as treadmills. If you have large appliances or equipment that you haven’t used for a long time, there is a chance that these items left a lot of dust and debris. You need to move or remove all items and do a proper cleanup of this dirt left behind. Consider tossing these unused or larger items taking up space. Old carpets, unused cabinets, or electronics, for example, can take up room in your living room space and make relaxing tougher. Consider hiring a junk removal company to help you remove these items. 

Do the closet swap 

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to get rid of those winter sweaters and make room for summer clothes and other seasonal clothing. Set aside anything you are not going to wear and consider putting it into a donation pile. Wash and store your other items away in a closed space to avoid moths or dust settling on it. Most thrift stores accept second-hand clothing and closet items but certain items such as your delicates need to be tossed out. A junk removal service can help you out should you not be able to donate clothing items. 

Freshen up outdoor space 

You probably neglected your outdoor space after a long winter. Spring cleaning your outdoor space will allow you to get it ready for summer. Get rid of any patio furniture that is broken or worn down, rake up any leaves, and get rid of any weeds. Pile it up into a corner or hire a dumpster rental service to clean up your yard. 

Clean exterior of home

There are other areas of your outdoor space that need to be taken care of, besides your backyard. You may need to clean out your gutter, especially if you haven’t for a while. Are your windows cleaned and tightly secured? Look for dirt and mold on the exterior of your home that could have formed during the cold months. Sometimes you may need construction and no matter how minor, you can count on a junk removal service to clean out dirt and rubble.

Clear out storage areas 

It is time for sunshine and fun but you are going to need to go into storage spaces and take out summer items you are going to use, such as pool gear, sports equipment, etc. Head to your storage space and start organizing through your winter and summer items. Set items aside that you are not going to use and donate or dispose of these items. 

Clear out the garage (make space for winter items)

You are probably going to need space to keep that snow blower, ski gear, winter clothing, etc. When did you last clean out your garage? Instead of looking for storage spaces around your home, try making some space in your garage by cleaning out old junk. 

Get that junk out of your way/home

After you sorted through your junk and storage spaces, try donating your old items. If you still have unwanted items, give Junk Boss a call. It doesn’t matter what you want to get rid of; we can arrange to take it away for you.

Give Junk Boss a call today for help with your spring junk removal!